2019 Social Media Checklist

The social media landscape is constantly changing. And when you are wearing multiple hats within your REI business, it can be hard enough to tread and keep your head above water. So to help you understand where to prioritize, here are some of the areas you will want to considering focusing on for your 2019 social media strategy.

Get Personal

Have you ever visited a website only to open up your Facebook page or Instagram account later in the day and find an ad for the exact product you were looking at? There are simple ways you can incorporate these same strategies into your REI business using Facebook or Google ads. By personalizing your marketing in this way, you keep your business at the front of the customer’s mind, helping to encourage them to join your email list or give you a call. You can also extend this personalization strategy beyond ads to the actual platforms themselves. By engaging in direct messages either on Twitter or Facebook you are able to create a one-on-one conversation tailored specifically to whom you are working with. Being able to engage directly with specific information can make for a much stronger connection than a mass email or post will.

Refresh Your Social Media Guidelines

Having policies and guidelines in place will help real estate investors ensure that they are following a system that works for their business. These guidelines can help avoid making mistakes – like posting rants or images – that often happen when emotions are running high. With social media strategies changing, and businesses becoming more firm and mature in their messaging, it is always a good idea to review your current policies. Are there any items that need to be updated? Are there any new issues that you want to make sure your team stays away from? What are the trends moving forward and how can you incorporate? No matter what your policies are, it is important that you take the time to outline and share them with your team. Keep in mind that anyone who represents your business represents you as well.

Get More Creative…

…but be prepared to spend A recent study showed that video ads are expected to double in 2020 from 2017. That is a huge number. Which should have you asking whether or not your team is ready for this. As companies get more creative in their content and advertising campaigns, local businesses will have to find ways to stand out from the noise. Part of that is budget, and part is having the right team in place to help you execute. On top of this, real estate investors will have to understand where it makes the most sense to focus their advertising efforts. While Facebook was the only player in town, 2019 brings with it a wide range of options to advertise on. Social media marketing looks like it will continue to play a big in 2019. Participating in this online arena is becoming more complex – as algorithms and platforms evolve – but the result is that businesses are able to generate more specific and focused advertising. Those businesses who remain flexible and open to growth in their strategies will be the ones that will win the local landscape.
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