3 Reasons to Focus on Your Online Marketing Efforts

There is a common idea in society that more is better. This should be true for online marketing, right? The more traffic you have coming to your site the better chance you have of making a sale, right? Wrong. Online marketing is much more targeted than traditional advertising. Marketing online gives you the ability to make customizations that can reach your target market. Instead of focusing your efforts on getting more people to your site, you will be better off focusing on getting the right people to your site. Here are 3 reasons you want to take the time to change up your marketing efforts to bring the right traffic to your site. More is not always better.
  1. You are Wasting Your Efforts on the Wrong People

When creating online advertising campaigns (like using AdWords) you need to carefully select keywords that will reach your target market. This means carefully selecting keywords that apply specifically to what you are trying to accomplish. Kissmetrics did a study that found that on the average business account all of the conversions they made were linked back to 6 keywords. However, there were many other keywords that were being used, and clicked on, that did not lead to any conversions. In fact, the majority of the AdWords budget was used by keywords that did not lead to any sales. Carefully track what campaigns are working for you and leading to sales and which ones aren’t. Then stop using the ones that are wasting your money and focus on the ads that lead to sales. That may seem obvious, but statistics show that many businesses are not following this advice.
  1. You Can Save Money

If you take the information from above, you realize that you will quickly save money in your marketing budget by not using the keywords and campaigns that do not result in sales. It can feel a little scary to eliminate some of the ads that you have floating around out there because you don’t want to decrease your sales. However, this recommendation is for eliminating only those that aren’t converting to profit for you. By doing this you will retain the leads and conversions you are getting while eliminating the wasted spending. Your incoming revenue remains the same while your expenses decrease, thus increasing your net profit.
  1. It Increases the Benefit of A/B Testing on Your Site

Many experts recommend using the A/B testing strategy on your site. While this is a great idea you will benefit even more from doing this when you have the right traffic coming to your site. When you have traffic visiting your site that is interested in what you have to offer the testing you do on your site will automatically lead to more sales because the people are the right people. You can do all the testing you want, but if the traffic you are getting doesn’t want what you have to offer it doesn’t matter anyway. The first step is to make sure you have a website that your target market can benefit from. Once you have that, instead of spending time and money trying to improve and test your site start by targeting the right audience. When the right traffic is coming to your site everything else that you are doing on your site becomes even more relevant.
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