3 Tips for Using Foursquare for Business

Foursquare is more than just a passing fad. It’s a chance to connect with your customers directly, opening up new channels for uniquely targeted marketing strategies. Even if you’re new to the social media check-in phenomenon, your startup or small business can take advantage of three simple steps that can get you started. Here are 3 tips for using Foursquare for business: 1. Reward first timers. Foursquare allows you to develop a badge unique to your business or offer sales and discounts the first time that users check in. No matter what you decide to offer, this gesture shows your customers that not only are you up to date on the technology they’re using but that you value their interaction. 2. Create incentives for loyalty. You may be able to recognize some of your most loyal customers, but adding additional rewards can encourage them to step up their game. If the mayor of an establishment is given special privileges, you can create competition that bring people back more often simply to secure their title. You may also choose to use this as a virtual loyalty card – Foursquare can keep a record of every fifth, tenth or other chosen number of visits to your location. 3. Ask for feedback. There are many public tools that don’t only show you who was there, but what they had to say. Check out the “Tips” section of your establishment to see what your customers are recommending (or worse, ranting about). Many people also link their check ins to their Twitter or other social media accounts, giving you the chance to respond with a thank you for coming and asking if they enjoyed their experience. Have you had any positive or negative experiences using Foursquare in your small business or startup? Share your tips and stories in the comments section below.
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