4 Practices that Maximize Your Productivity

When you embark on the path of entrepreneurship, you make a paradigm shift in your approach to life: you’re not just a consumer anymore—you must become a producer. That means thinking like a producer, behaving like a producer, and most of all, producing like a producer. Making that shift isn’t easy. Most entrepreneurs experience periods of overwhelm, times when they are staggered by the weight of leading a business responsible for answering demands, rather than contributing to the society that creates demands. But once an entrepreneur develops a method of maximizing productivity, consumer demand begins to feel invigorating, rather than overwhelming. Here are 4 practices that can help you maximize your productivity:
  1. Make prioritizing a priority.
Prioritizing means more than shuffling all of your appointments into a schedule or jobs into a to-do list. Prioritizing means understanding your most important objectives, identifying the tasks that are most relevant to those objectives, and committing yourself to knocking them out. When you make prioritizing a priority, you go into your day with clear goals and with the knowledge that everything you are doing is helping you to achieve those goals. Not only does this mean you will be working smarter, it also means you will be motivated to work harder. It’s a win-win!
  1. Eliminate distractions.
Every minute that you spend replying to text messages, double-checking that you haven’t missed any important emails in your spam folder, or curating songs for your “Eye of the Tiger” themed playlist is a minute that you’re not producing. When it comes to reducing distraction (thereby boosting productivity), the best approach is to eliminate temptation. Silence or turn off your phone. Disable solitaire. Hide your snacks, so you don’t get to eyeballing them. You will need all your focus in order to maximize your productivity.
  1. Get comfortable delegating.
Successful business leaders rarely fall into the “jack of all trades, master of none,” category. Instead, they know their strengths and accept their weaknesses. If your colleague has a way with words and can write three blog posts in the time it takes you to write one, delegate the creation of marketing content to him. If you dread sorting through the barrage of emails that arrive in your inbox every day, hire an administrative assistant who can field messages and schedule appointments for you. Sometimes, productivity is not so much about how much you can produce as it is about how much you can arrange to be produced.
  1. Embrace this mantra: failing to prepare means preparing to fail.
When you go into a situation unprepared, you are not only wasting the time that you spend in that situation, you are also setting yourself up for extensive back-tracking and damage control. Don’t wait to research and design a presentation until the night before it must be given. Don’t launch a new product without market validation. Don’t embark on a cold-call unless you know as much about your potential customer as they don’t know about you. The time you invest in preparing for any given situation will be less than the time you could spend failing, apologizing, and trying again. Productivity is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur. Find ways to maximize your productivity, and you will flourish. Allow your productivity to languish, and you could sink under your competition.
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