4 Tips to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn Video

You know YouTube is for video marketing, but did you know LinkedIn is another platform that you can use for your video marketing? If you are looking for new areas to expand with video marketing or just new ways to increase your results with LinkedIn, check out the 4 tips below.
  1. Bring others on your video

We’ve all seen the many videos on social media platforms of a business professional talking straight to you through the camera. While this option works well you can draw even more attention to your video by incorporating other people in them as well. Consider recording a few interview-style videos. Or record a video of a couple employees discussing a hot topic in real estate. If the thought of being on camera has been holding you back from starting video marketing having someone else on screen with you can help ease the tension.
  1. Participate in LinkedIn Hashtag Campaigns

Posting videos as part of a hashtag campaign is a great way to get started with video marketing or to breathe new life into your efforts. You can easily find hashtag campaigns that are trending on LinkedIn. It’s as simple as recording a message and making sure you use the appropriate hashtag. It’s a great way to get eyes on your video marketing efforts.
  1. Share what you have learned from others

If you struggle to come up with things to talk about when making your videos this is a great tip to help you out. Think about what resources you have used that have really helped you out. Then you can create a video sharing what the resource is and how it helped you. It could be a book that you read, a podcast you listened to, or a training that you attended. When you share your video make sure to tag all the necessary people such as the author of a book or host of the podcast in your post. This helps expand the reach that your post will get.
  1. Reuse your existing written content

If you have written content either on LinkedIn, a different form of social media or your blog look for the most popular posts. Then you can use this written content to create a script for your video marketing. You can share a small portion of the larger article that you wrote. Or, you can give a quick recap of the article. If you want to know what parts to share see if the comments let you know the parts that were most popular. Or, if people left questions in the comments from the article you can create a video answering these questions. Many businesses struggle to come up with video marketing ideas because they are overthinking the process. They think they need fancy filming equipment or to have professionally written scripts. This isn’t the case. The benefit of video marketing is it can help make it easier for your audience to connect with you when they can see and hear you.
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