5 SEO Strategies to Avoid

Content might be king, but there is no way around it: SEO strategies are crucial to the success of your site. It has been said that 75% of search users will not take the time to look at the second page of search results. You can try to get around this by paying to have a sponsored ad at the top of the rankings page, but stats show that over 70% of users don’t even look at them. With that being said, you want to make sure that your site is turning up in the first page of results, the higher the better. SEO strategies are the key that decides what order websites appear in the search rankings. Every business owner wants to improve their SEO, but many don’t know and make these common mistakes:
  1. Keyword Stuffing
Yes, keywords can help your post to be found, when used naturally. In the past, content writers were able to fill their articles with the key word to try to improve their rankings. Search engines caught on and have since released new algorithms that can penalize a site for keyword stuffing. While it is helpful to use keywords, input them naturally into your writing as if you were actually having a conversation. The good news is that Google uses something called Latex Semantic Indexing (LSI). LSI is able to find variations of your keyword within the article and takes that into consideration when determining your page’s relevance to the search.
  1. Anchor Text
You do not want to use your keywords as your anchor text for links. Try using a variety of anchor text strategies. You can use naked links, which is simply the address of the site you are linking to. You can also use the name of a business as branded text, or use several words from a sentence to link to a relevant site.
  1. Not Optimizing Images
Readers enjoy having images included in articles. Studies have shown that the captions on images are often read over the entire text of the article. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Help the search engines to index your images by including relevant text for not only the file name, but the alt-description as well.
  1. Link Building
Having links to your site is great. Having spammy links to your site is not great. Good quality links to your site can help improve your SEO rankings. Having too many links to your site that were not earned, but purchased or exchanged for, can actually penalize your SEO ranking 5. Not Utilizing Social Media Social media is one of the best ways to engage with your customers, which helps to improve your SEO rankings. Take the time to post quality content on a consistent basis. Interact with your friends and followers on social media to keep them coming back for more. When it would benefit your follower, provide a link to your site with valuable information. With the huge variety of advice and tips about SEO floating around the Internet it can be easy to follow the wrong suggestions. Mistakes will happen from time to time. Building a good social media marketing plan using the tips in this article is a great way to get started on improving your SEO. Avoiding these SEO strategies can help put you at the front of the pack.
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