5 Social Media Trends Real Estate Investors Must Prepare for in 2019

As a small business owner you have hopefully laid a strong foundation for success. And part of this foundation should be a well thought out social media strategy media. With that in mind, here are five social media trends that real estate investors will want to keep in mind as you map out your 2019 strategy. Having a long-term system in place will ensure that you are able to remain consistent and effective with your online presence.

Social Leaders Lead the Way

With all of the attention that Elon Musk generates, a good amount of it comes from his activity on Twitter. While not all stockholders appreciate Musk’s candidness on the platform, there is a strong following (which continues to grow) that appreciate Musk’s transparency on the process at Tesla. In 2019, expect to see more leaders follow suit. That’s great for these Fortune 500 companies, but what about local real estate investors? How is this applicable? Simple. The more engaged you are as the leader of a local business, the more engaged your local community becomes with you. We are not saying that you should wade into local politics with your engagement, but by being enthusiastic and transparent about your goals for the local community, you create a dialogue with those you are hoping to serve. We get that not everyone is comfortable in taking on this role. But if you are able to navigate these online waters, you could make some meaningful inroads within your local community.

Authenticity Wins

Yes, it is essential to have a consistent social media content delivery system in place. But real estate investors will want to consider supplementing this authentic, on the ground content. For example, maybe you just bought a new property that you are going to be fixing up. Sharing photos of creating Facebook live videos of the behind the scenes process can cultivate interest and engagement from your community. This “sneak peek” type of access is what people live for! They want to know the secret sauce.

LinkedIn is Evolving

All of the social media platforms have their own system in place for advertisements. However, some of these ad platforms are more personal than others. Enter LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads. This program is make ads more personal. Real estate investors are now able to personalize paid ad content, which in turn can create more authentic communication. How is that the case? By personalizing content from the start, you can break down trust barriers early enough to make an impact.

Strength in Social Listening

Engagement is king. But all too often, small businesses overlook a critical part of engagement: listening. When you are putting so much time and energy into generating engagement, make sure you actually listen to what your audience is saying. This is where you can find actual insights and information that can be leveraged into results.

Instagram Stories is Growing

Instagram Stories have become a popular way for users to quickly and consistently update their profiles. By using short videos or quicks pics, business are able to share information in a way that people are looking to consume. These quick updates serve to keep followers engaged, and, in some cases, even increase a business’s overall follower count. And they also serve to reinforce the earlier point about generating authenticity. Before you can execute a social media strategy, you first need to have one in place. With this foundation, you can supercharge your results by applying them to the above trends. In a time when so much focus and so many people can be reached with the click of a button, you want to make sure that your strategy accounts for them.
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