5 Ways to Re-route Web Traffic from Your Competitors to YOU

To say that the worldwide web is booming would probably be THE understatement of the 21st Century. When you post your knowledge, products, and services online, you gain access to millions of potential clients and fans—and enter into a fray of thousands of competitors. Standing out online can be a daunting task, but the rewards are big. Here are 5 ways to re-route web traffic from your competitors to you:
  1. Steal their keywords.
The objective of any search engine is to provide users with relevant results. To gage relevancy, search engines rely on keywords. The service SEMRush can give you an inside scoop on the keywords your competitors are using to generate traffic and how effective those keywords are. Wield this data to your benefit by cherry-picking the best keywords from multiple competitors. Of course, you should only pick keywords that are also relevant to your content.
  1. Build authority.
In addition to keywords, search engines attempt to rank results by “domain authority.” Domain authority scores range from 1-100, with high authority domains getting the most traffic. The Moz toolbar can let you know your own domain authority score, as well as your competitors’ scores. Creating internal links and having many websites link back to you increases your domain authority. And domain authority gradually increases as your website ages, so you get an extra benefit for seniority.
  1. Convert their link-backs into links back to you.
When another website links back to your content, they are doing more than just promoting you on their site. They are also boosting your domain authority. You can use an SEO tool like Ahref to find sites that are linking back to your competitors. Then, inspect your competitors’ content, create better content, and get in touch with the manager of the site with the link-back. Show them why your content is higher quality, and you might be able to convert the link to your competitor to a link to you!
  1. Become influential.
Of course, you need not take all of your cues from your competitors. When you improve your content and expand your sphere of influence, you will naturally begin to absorb your competitors’ traffic. Networking is an essential way to generate web traffic. Seek out enthusiasts who might be willing to host you as a guest blogger on their site. Find researchers who could benefit from linking back to your content.
  1. Spring for paid promotions.
When you pay for an online ad, you not only get airtime, you get a team of industry specialists who can help you identify and reach your target audience. Promotions on social media sites like Facebook help you find customers and generate a sort of 21st century “word of mouth.” Sometimes, you can even buy promotions on your competitors’ sites! That way, you are directly routing their audience to you. Carving a place out for yourself on the internet can be challenging, but with a little know-how, you can become a viral sensation. Create great content and make sure that people find your content.
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