5 Ways to Incorporate Video into your 2019 Marketing Plans

5 Ways to Incorporate Video into your 2019 Marketing Plans

In 2019, marketing is all about the video. Content might be king, but video is the show stopper. When it comes to reaching your target market and bringing them along in the buyer’s journey, video is an effective tool that you want to take advantage of.
  1. Go live in 2019

Live streaming is a growing trend and one that your business can benefit from. There’s Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and even live streaming options on YouTube. Viewers like live video because they feel they are getting the real deal. You don’t have the ability to touch up or edit out anything that happens. This is a great way to build trust with your audience. It also allows you to engage with them since they are able to join the conversation. Going live can be a great strategy for making big announcements, answering questions, and giving demonstrations.
  1. YouTube Ads

YouTube ads have stolen the show from tv spots. Consumers don’t like having ads on television but most don’t mind that there is an advertisement on YouTube before the start of the video they are trying to watch. With the reach of YouTube continuing to grow this is a great opportunity to get your message in front of people in a way that they don’t mind.
  1. Vlogging

YouTube is loaded with people that are vlogging and the business world is starting to catch on. Creating vlogs showing parts of your day, sharing information with your audience, and giving them a behind the scenes look into the traditional marketing efforts. Consumers eat this type of video up because it helps them to really connect with you and your brand.
  1. 360-degree video

While you might think this is only something that places like the Grand Canyon or other awe-inspiring locations can benefit from that’s anything but true. 360-degree videos are a fun way to draw your audience into your business. And, the videos aren’t as difficult to make as they seem. With the right equipment, like a GoPro, you can have your videos put together in no time.
  1. Virtual reality

If you want to be on the forefront of the video marketing trend, virtual reality is where you want to focus. Throughout 2019 this trend will continue to grow and you could be in front of the competition. One example of how this works is through the virtual reality videos that Lowe’s is producing. They allow you to see yourself painting a fence, placing tile, and doing other DIY projects. Their study showed that people can recall the information easier when they watch these videos instead of following traditional how-to’s. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about using videos in your marketing, 2019 is the year to get started. Work on incorporating these trends into your plan to connect with a new audience, show yourself as an industry expert, and convert leads to sales. Videos are a great way to allow your audience to connect with you even though you may never meet face-to-face.
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