5 Ways to Make a Business Video on a Budget

Creating a video that receives a million views doesn’t have to cost you a million dollars. Your business can put together a creative, effective marketing tool for less money than one would imagine. A web video can be an excellent tool for reaching your online audience, and this resource isn’t limited to large corporations. Your small business can put together an entertaining web video that fills your needs and fits into your budget by following a few money-saving guidelines: 1. Hire an amateur. You don’t need a Hollywood director to create a quality web video for your business. Recruit a local film student or the family member in charge of videotaping wedding or special events to lead the project. 2. Trade for services. Depending on your business, you may be able to offer products or services in exchange for your web video. 3. Take advantage of group buying. Keep an eye on deal sites like Groupon and Living Social or organize a number of like-minded small business owners to take advantage of the power in numbers and negotiate the best deal for your video. 4. Limit the special effects. Your video doesn’t have to include CGI or fancy features in order to deliver a strong message. Focus on elements like creativity and originality to make your video stand out from the crowd. 5. Do it yourself. The easiest way to stay under budget is to keep your production in house. Tap the undiscovered resources among your staff to find a former aspiring actor, a camera person with the steadiest hand and a do-it-yourself editor. Ask any overnight You Tube sensation, making a successful video doesn’t have to break the bank. What money saving video strategies has your business used to make web videos?
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