5 Ways to Turn Online Visitors into Customers

Carving out a niche for your business online is hard, and there’s nothing more disappointing than an online marketing campaign that fails to bear fruit. Even websites with heavy traffic can be fruitless if visitors fail to click the “buy” or “subscribe” button. If your website is languishing with a low conversion rate, try these 5 tactics to hook your customers. Refine your target audience. Your website is beautiful. Your content is clear. Your call-to-action could melt a heart of stone. But if you’re reaching the wrong audience, all is in vain. If you are confident that your marketing platform is the best-of-the-best, but you’re still not seeing a good conversion rate from web guest to subscribed fan or paying customers, you might want to refine the keywords you are using to draw in an audience. If you are a brick and mortar business, try geotagging your ads and adding your location to your keywords. That way, you attract only customers who you can feasibly serve. If you are strictly an online business, try peppering your high volume keywords with some more specific keywords. Think “spaghetti, pizza, linguini” rather than just “Italian food.” Make sure your headline has “WOW” factor. You know that first impressions are crucial. Your website’s headline is responsible for the weight of your potential customers’ first impression. Make sure your headline is specific, bold, and compelling. Lazy, generic headlines don’t urge visitors to scroll down. Fine tune your product/service descriptions. By the time a visitor has made it to a description of a specific product or service, you’ve almost got them hooked. Now’s the time to pull out all the stops to close the deal. Describe your product/service in fine detail. Suggest all the possible impacts which your product/service could have on your customer’s life. Use bullet points, graphs, and pictures to help drive your point home. Give your design and user experience a test run. Your webpage should be easy on the eyes and the mind. In your design, maintain a balance between clarity and desperate attention-getting tactics. Fonts should be large and should contrast clearly against the background. Avoid all caps, exclamation marks, and flashing graphics. In your user experience, make sure that content is well organized and that the menu button is always easy to find. Fix or remove any broken links as soon as you discover them. Provide testimonials. Visitors won’t take your word for the value of your product. They want to see testimonials and reviews from people like them. Feature a handful of customers’ stories, describing the impact your product/service had on the lives of your customers. Make sure you include photos of smiling customers. Additionally, create space for reviews of all your products/services. A simple five-star rating system can give visitors the confidence they need to click the “buy” or “subscribe” button! A low conversion rate does not sentence your online marketing campaign to doom. You can turn your conversion rate around with a few easy changes. You might not see results over night, but gradually, your clientele will begin to build up!
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