6 Important SEO Trends to Be Aware Of

Just when you think you have SEO figured out, along comes an algorithm that changes everything. Staying current on SEO trends can be challenging, but it is well worth the effort. Applying necessary changes to your website as needed will keep you ranking high to give you an edge over your competition. Below are SEO trends that are dominating in 2015.

1. Brand Mentions and Citations

Due to the misuse of link building, Google can now differentiate between implied links and express links. An express variety actually links to that page. An implied version mentions a website or brand without linking. Implied links are going to continue to become increasingly powerful throughout the year.

2. Mobile Optimization is Mandatory

You can no longer get away with putting off working on your mobile optimization. You need a responsive design, and your site needs to be formatted for all mobile devices.

3. Building Your Brand is Crucial

To rank well long-term, you need to build your brand. Google Authorship was hot for 2014, but it ended because users didn’t find it as helpful as Google as hoped. For 2015, Google is placing increased value on social signals it gets from Facebook and Twitter.

4. Content Marketing Reigns Supreme

Content marketing has been the topic of conversation for the past couple years, and it’s a topic that does not seem to be going anywhere. Your content needs to connect with your audience for a greater return on investment. Since content marketing has matured significantly, it’s easier to effectively measure performance, target content, and make corrections to improve results.

5. SEO Integration

SEO is no longer going to be thought of and addressed as an isolated department. SEO, content marketing, and social media coverage converge to achieve like goals, so for the three to be successful they will need to integrate.

6. Thought Leadership is Important

As brands have aggressively pursued various content marketing strategies, in recent years, thought leadership has become an increasingly popular topic. Positioning yourself as an expert in your respective online community will become imperative.

For years there has been a lot of speculation over whether social media plays a role in Google’s ranking algorithm; strong evidence supports this belief. Search engines are more advanced than ever, so SEO must integrate throughout your entire online presence. Some say SEO is dead, but those successful with their online marketing argue that it has just advanced to the point where it’s barely recognizable.

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