6 “Musts” for Your Business Website

You only have a few seconds to pique a viewer’s interest or provide them with the information they came looking for. If you do not accomplish this they will quickly back out of your site and try a different one. The timeframe you have to work with is even shorter with mobile users. Sometimes, so much time is invested in creating a website that is visually appealing and filled with quality content that the most important elements are forgotten. Buyers want to know they can trust the website and business, so leaving off information on this list could raise red flags with them.

1. Business Contact – You probably don’t personally want to order from a site if you can’t find any contact information on it. Having an inquiry form is great, but it does not tell a viewer your location, phone number, or email, which can all offer peace-of-mind to an online shopper.

2. Simplicity – The flashiest webpage is not always the answer. In fact, having too much on your homepage could slow down load time, which will cause many viewers to leave the page. This is especially true with mobile users on limited data plans or those multitasking because their schedule is overloaded. You don’t have to squeeze a ton of content, videos, and photos on your homepage as this could get in the way of the user finding the information they are looking for.

3. Strong Headline – A powerful headline will tell what your site has to offer.

4. Navigation – It is very frustrating to feel like you are playing Hide-and-Seek with a webpage just to navigate through it. Proper navigation will decrease bounce rates. Make sure your mobile app is easy to navigate without adjusting the display size.

5. Call to Action – When a visitor arrives there should always be a call to action. This could be to buy a product, click to a different page, or request more information.

6. About Section – Consumers today want to know who they are doing business with. Depending on your business this may include a little history, information about you and/or other staff members, ways you give back the community, and “green” operating practices.

Quality content and photos are both important, but they are not the only elements you need to be concerned with. Make sure your site has contact information, an “about” section, and a strong headline. Also work to ensure that the design is simple, quick to load, and easy to navigate.

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