6 Secrets to Improving the Way Google Sees Your Brand

If you are like many others, you would be absolutely lost without Google. Sure, there are other search engines available, but everyone knows that Google reigns supreme. So, of course, you want to make sure that your brand gives Google a good impression. Here are a few secrets that will do just that.
  1. Investigate Yourself – When was the last time you put your own name, business, product, etc. into Google? If you have never done this you may be quite surprised to see what you find. Other people are looking you up, so make sure you know what they are finding.
  1. Delete Embarrassments – Drunken tweets, questionable photos, etc. need to be deleted if they are going to affect your business. However, keep in mind that once something is on the Internet it is public forever. So, you can delete Facebook shares and Twitter retweets but that doesn’t mean they actually go away. You also need to be careful when leaving comments on social media, blogs, and forum pages because someone somewhere is likely getting a screenshot.
  1. Build a Website – If you don’t have a website yet this should be a top priority. If possible, choose your first and last name as the domain name. This is not always possible so you may need to compromise a little. Before you cringe at the thought of building your own site, check out one of the many site building resources that also host your site for you. Otherwise, you can obtain your own hosting through Bluehost, Hostgator, or some other credible source.
  1. Video is King – Pictures are great, but videos are better. Videos capture attention and keep people on your page longer. The longer they stay, the more invested they become. Creating a YouTube channel for your video is easy and then you can embed the videos on your site. Plus, Google owns YouTube, so the “Big G” looks favorably on sites with video content.
  1. Make the Most of Social Media – Social media gives you the opportunity to reach a very large audience with minimal effort. Just make sure you don’t forget about the fact that whatever you post will haunt you forever. Posts on social media tend to rank very high with Google because this search engine loves fresh content. Therefore, make sure if someone clicks on one of those they will be able to find your site by viewing your profile.
  1. Request Reviews – Reviews weigh very heavily with people looking for a product, service or expert. When appropriate, request a review. You can even add the review to your website.
Discovering what information Google reveals about you and building a strong online presence is just the beginning. You need to make a point of doing this frequently, so you can address errors and respond to any negative reviews in a timely manner.
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