6 Tips for Making a Powerful Online Marketing Video

Businesses of all sizes are very attracted to online marketing video for a variety of different reasons. Creating and posting video is inexpensive, and it returns long-term benefits because the videos can continue to be viewed years from now. Not to mention, video ranks considerably higher in search engines than traditional text pages. Of course, the video needs to be done correctly for best results. These six tips will come in handy when you make your next one.

1. Know Your Target Audience – Make sure you know who your target audience is, which is not always who you intended them to be. Nautica and Fila are two prime examples. Nautica is a sea-inspired line while Fila is an Italian brand that originally targeted tennis players. Both brands ended up being hot fashion trends in teens and young adults in urban communities.

2. Set the Stage – Every video should be viewed as a major production, even if it is a 2-minute clip. That video represents your brand, regardless of length. Make sure lighting and sound are perfect, and do a little trial-and-error with different camera angles, audio mixing, and engaging graphics.

3. Thoughtful Content – Ideally, your video is going to tell a story. You need to keep the viewer engaged from beginning to end so they are always wondering what happens next. Your content should be valuable. “How-to” videos are a great way to establish yourself as being an expert by showcasing your skills and knowledge.

4. Include Your URL – Adding a text box with your URL, Facebook page, or other important information is a must. This is easily done with an editing tool.

5. Call to Action – A call to action certainly does not have to be a hard sell. It can be an invitation to follow you on Facebook or Twitter, sign up for a newsletter, or click through to one of your other videos on a similar topic. There just needs to be more to an ending than the video just finishing. Guide your audience to their next move.

6. Don’t Aim for Perfection – Although you want video quality to be good this doesn’t mean everything about the video has to be perfect. Don’t memorize a script word-for-word. It needs to be well-planned, but feel natural. Your dog walking into the shot or the butterfly landing on you while filming outdoors will keep your audience interested. It will help them see you as a real person, not just a face on the screen.

Online marketing videos have become increasingly popular in the last few years. It is a great outlet to build an audience and strengthen connections. But for your videos to be effective they need to be engaging, helpful, and authentic, but at the same time also be professional and creative and target the right audience.

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