7 Small Business Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make on Social Media

7 Small Business Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make on Social Media

If you have a new business you want to get the word out to your target audience as quickly as possible. While it’s a must that every business has a website now, it doesn’t stop there. Social media is an important part of today’s marketing landscape. But, being successful on social media as a business is a lot different than using the platforms for your personal use. Here are 7 mistakes startups make that you want to avoid at all costs.
  1. Focusing on every platform at once

It’s tempting to think that you should be on every platform. However, if you do you will either burn out quickly or you will do a poor job on most platforms. Instead, do a little research to find out where your target market is spending their time and then focus on that platform.
  1. Posting whenever it works for you

If you want engagement on your social media accounts you need to be active when your audience is as well. Twitter’s activity peaks over the weekend but Facebook has the most amount of activity on Thursdays and Fridays. Find out when your customers are most active and have your content show up at that time.
  1. Writing longer posts

On occasion a long post can communicate what you need it to, but stick with shorter posts for the most part. People like to scroll quickly to see what grabs their eye. If your post is very long they might not even attempt to see what you have to say. (Note: this is different from long blog posts that live on your core website.)
  1. Using every hashtag you can think of
Hashtags can be helpful, but you need to know how to use them. It has been found that one or two hashtags are good, but after that engagement decreases.
  1. Having a poor bio

Look at your social media account through the eyes of your customer. Are you communicating what you want your customers to know? Can they easily find out the information that they need about you? Be creative and draw their attention.
  1. Posting and then vanishing

The key to social media is right in the name—social. If you simply post what you want to say and then disappear you are failing to engage with your audience. Look for and create ways to interact with people. Respond to comments, even if they are complaints. It looks worse if you respond to the positive comments and ignore the negative ones. Use great customer service even on social media.
  1. Ignoring the metrics

Carefully watch the metrics and analytics of your social accounts to see what is working and what isn’t. These numbers can help make a big difference if the success of your social media marketing. Remember that you need to be consistent when you are using social media. It isn’t enough to just open an account and leave it at that. People will only find you if you are being active and engaging with your audience.  
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