Avoid These E-Commerce Mistakes

E-commerce continues to experience double-digit year-over-year growth as consumer preferences keep moving towards online purchases. No matter what level of e-commerce you are participating in – your own online brand or a network of affiliate marketing sites – you will want to avoid these basic e-commerce mistakes.
  1. Do Not Be Scattered
One of the biggest traps to fall into is to try and do it all, offering something for everyone. This is a dangerous strategy to implement as having too many products available can distract and confuse the customers, mitigate your site’s core value propositions, and place tension on your ability to manage both financial and inventory resources. When you are preparing to launch, keep it simple. Focus on your particular market or niche and work to execute that demand as perfectly as possible. Once you experience success, creating a name for yourself in the digital marketplace, then you can consider implementing other products or services.
  1. Do Not Overlook Navigation
If your website cannot be easily navigated, visitors will not stay long. E-commerce is all about ease – ease of finding, ease of navigating, ease of purchasing. Your visitors need to be able to find what they are looking for (either via clear page navigations or by utilizing the “search” function) and then be able to quickly and easily check out. Do not lose out on shopping cart abandonment because your check-out process is too long or convoluted; make sure everything about your site is EASY.
  1. Do Not Neglect SEO
Especially early on, as integrating SEO from the onset makes the process much more intuitive and impactful. By incorporating SEO into your launch, integrating into your title tags, keywords, and meta data, you are able to work it into your site’s architecture which is much easier than trying to do after the fact.
  1. Do Not Forget to Collect Data
Make it easy (and worthwhile) for customers to opt-in so you are able to capture information at every touch point. The more information you are able to collect about your visitors – their likes, dislikes, age range, etc – will allow you to better personalize recommendations which will in turn enhance the user experience all with the goal of creating higher conversion rates. So whether you are just beginning to enter the world of e-commerce or have had a digital storefront for some time, do not overlook these online basics. Avoiding e-commerce mistakes is an important piece to executing your strategy!
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