Content Marketing: 4 Reasons to Let it Ride on Facebook

Every few months you probably hear rumors that Facebook is dying. There is some new up-and-coming platform that is better or Facebook is losing its popularity for other reasons. These rumors have been going on for years, and guess what? Facebook just keeps growing and getting more popular. In fact, Facebook’s stock has doubled since its debut. If you own any size business, Facebook is the platform you want to be using for your content marketing campaign.

1. Mobile Friendliness is Facebook’s Priority

Google’s latest algorithm is ranking mobile-friendly sites higher. In 2014 mobile usage surpassed desktop numbers, and there’s not another site that can compete with Facebook in this category. If you look in the Apple app store, four out of eight of the most popular non-game apps belong to Facebook. Focusing your efforts on these four apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp) will allow you to build a strong mobile presence.

2. Facebook’s Video Auto-Play Benefits You

Have you noticed lately that videos on Facebook automatically play when they are on your screen? They don’t have audio until you physically start them, but they operate at just the right time to grab your attention. It’s a sneaky little feature Facebook rolled out that you should be using to your advantage. If you are not sharing videos, you need to. After all, in September 2014, videos on Facebook were enjoying a billion views per day.

3. Advanced Algorithm Targets the Right Audience

Facebook does a stellar job of targeting videos, ads, and other content according to user. Facebook also launched Instant Articles, which allows some publishers to deliver content faster by uploading it directly to the platform. Facebook favors engaging content.

4. Constantly Evolving

Facebook is not a platform that will ever get stale because it is constantly evolving. It has invested in new platforms and channels to always be one step ahead. Mark Zuckerberg has one eye always on the future. He knows Facebook dominates for PC and mobile devices, but he’s focused on preparing for future platforms. Facebook’s newest and most pioneering project is, an attempt to deliver Internet to countries without access. Facebook is well-positioned to rule the future’s digital landscape and that’s something you want your business a part of.

No one knows what the future holds for the digital world, but there is no doubt that Facebook will play a leading role in it. This means new and improved marketing opportunities for you. If you are not taking advantage of Facebook yet for your business now is a good time to start.

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