Convert Your Instagram Followers into Customers With These 6 Easy Steps

Instagram has exploded within the last few years and businesses have taken notice. This platform has quickly become one that everyone wants to be a part of. Unfortunately, you’re busy as a business owner and don’t have time to manage your Instagram account if you aren’t seeing returns from it. You can have a strong following, but if you are not converting followers into customers then you are just wasting your time. If you are ready to start converting your followers try these 6 steps:
  1. Give Them What They Want

There is a lot of useless information floating around on the internet and social media. You don’t want to be just another voice. Your followers are looking for value in what they look at online. Use your Instagram bio to offer a lead magnet and spell out for them exactly what you have to offer them.
  1. Add Value to Your Posts

Determine what your unique selling proposition is, what sets you apart from the competition. Then include this in your posts. Let your audience know what how you can help them and why they should do business with you. Don’t forget to focus on value and what the benefit is for your follower so you don’t sound like a used car salesman.
  1. Focus on Them

Your followers don’t want to just read information about you. They want to know what you are doing for them. Focus on your follower and you will help to build their trust.
  1. Engage with Them

Build trust with your followers by having a conversation with them. Ask them questions and then respond to their answers. Answer the questions they are asking. Be responsive and provide them opportunities to engage with you.
  1. Be Real

Your followers can tell when you are being authentic or when you are trying too hard. Just be yourself. You don’t have to blend in with the crowd. In fact, you shouldn’t blend in with the crowd. Don’t be afraid to share something personal and let your followers know there is a real person behind the business. This helps build trust.
  1. Show them the Transformation

Some businesses will just sell products to their followers. Other businesses will let their followers know what the benefit is to them. If you want to rise above the rest, let your followers know exactly how you are going to address their pain points. Market to them on an emotional level. When your followers can see that you are invested and concerned about them as people, and don’t just see them as numbers, they are going to be much more likely to convert to a customer.   Using social media can be a very successful marketing plan for small businesses. However, if you aren’t strategic on your efforts, you are simply wasting your time. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if you are not converting any of them into customers. Transforming your existing followers into customers is a great way to grow your business with minimal effort.
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