Create Successful Facebook Ads with these 3 Elements

If you have been looking into marketing your business marketing even a little you know how effective Facebook ads can be. The Facebook ads system allows you to target the audience who sees your ads right down to their age and interests. When you have a limited marketing budget to spend it makes sense to spend the money knowing that you are reaching the audience you want to instead of just a random group of people. There are many stories of businesses that have a lot of success with Facebook ads and others that struggle to see success. A recent study looked at 3,900 businesses and found three ad elements that were present in the top performers.
  1. Include Emojis

This is hard for some businesses to swallow because it doesn’t feel “professional” to use emojis, but it’s proven to work. In fact 90% of the ads that were most successful used an emoji. Big brand name products are even using them in their Facebook advertising. Why is this strategy so popular? Emojis relate emotions better than words do on Facebook ads. You are restricted to the amount of words that you can include in Facebook ads and sometimes a smiley face can get the point across, when your words can’t.
  1. Include Photos

The more pictures the better – to a certain extent. Facebook ads that include more than 5 images had improved click-through rates. Most people using Facebook are quickly scrolling through their newsfeed to see what jumps out at them. A well thought out image can quickly grab their attention and make them pause for a second to see what is going on. Use images that give the reader a positive feeling. Make sure that the picture has colors that will stand out from the white and blue of the Facebook brand, and make sure that the images appeal to your specific audience.
  1. Know Your Audience

Probably the most valuable thing that Facebook offers small businesses for advertising is the ability to target their specific audience. You no longer have to rely solely on a newspaper ad, craigslist ad, or buy a billboard. While these strategies can be successful for some businesses, why would you pass up a chance to hit your specific audience? While setting up your Facebook ads you are able to see how many people you are expected to reach with the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the ad. Once you have setup your audience you can easily copy it for future ads. You can also run two separate ads for A/B testing purposes. Facebook advertising is a great way for small businesses to reach their target audience. However, if you don’t have a plan on how to make it work for your business, you are just throwing your money away. Make sure you know who your target audience is and what to include on your ad to grab their attention. When you have the three items above in place you will start to see the success that you have been looking for with Facebook advertising.
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