Exercising the Writing Muscle

Writing is hard. Writing every day is even harder. It can be extremely frustrating to look at the blinking cursor and wonder what you can write that your readers will be interested in. Some days it can be tough to even string together a few words. The dirty little secret that writers don’t tell you is that writing is just like anything else. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. If you’re about to begin a workout, you don’t just start off by loading up five hundred pounds to bench. You work your way up to it. Writing is a discipline and like any other discipline, it takes time, dedication and focus to get good at it. There are some tricks to helping you get started, but there is no shortcut to getting good enough to produce quality content on a daily basis. Write every day Seriously. This can’t be stressed enough. The only way you’re going to get any better at writing your blogs is through writing in it every single day. The more you write, the quicker you can develop your style and ability. You can also play off of each blog you write, using it as fodder for the next one. Write down your ideas Inspiration is everywhere and it never waits for you when it’s convenient. Don’t let those ideas get away! Write them down. Whether they’re good, bad or indifferent, allowing your mind to wander and come up with new blog ideas will help exercise your idea muscle making it much easier for you when you sit down to actually write. Read what you wrote out loud One of the things that really helps novice writers is reading what you wrote out loud. This can help you detect repeated words, awkward phrasing, or even misspelled words (it’ll also help you avoid confusing words like there, their and they’re).  Reading what you wrote out loud helps you improve your writing immensely. Find a Beta Reader Finally, the best thing you can do to improve and exercise your writing muscle is by finding someone to read your stuff. This should be someone you trust and will give you honest feedback. It may hurt to hear that your writing is terrible, but there’s no other way to get better at it. Find someone who is qualified to give you feedback on your writing. Let them tell you what they think is wrong, what needs to be fixed, and most importantly, what you did right. The more you know about your own process, the easier writing will become. Be honest with yourself and your creative process and you’ll soon see that you are no longer sitting in front of your computer waiting for a great blog to appear. You’ll be able to just sit down and write it.
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