How to Improve Your LinkedIn Game

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Game

Does your LinkedIn engagement pretty much consist of that one time you signed up and filled out what it asked? Well that is certainly the first step, but if that is all you are doing chances are that you are not getting much out of your LinkedIn account and neither is your network. You should be involved and enjoying your LinkedIn account. With almost half a billion users on LinkedIn you have many opportunities to grow your network and to be a help to others. Liking other’s posts, sharing or commenting on posts, and making your profile stand out are some ways to really turn your account into an opportunity to become a powerful force for you. Here are some steps to get started:

Professional Photo

Take the time and money to get yourself some professional pictures. You should use one of these for your LinkedIn account. And you will be surprised by how many other areas you will be able to re-use these photos for. These pictures depict who you are to the general public and should be a good reflection of yourself. Take the time to prepare for these photos and hire a good photographer. Be aware that you will regret if you try and save money and time in these photos. In today’s technological world, your photo says a lot about you. You can say “I am not sure of myself,” “I am sloppy or unprepared,” or you can say “I am successful and excited to meet you.”

Your Headline is Important

Those two lines under your name are very important. Along with your photo, this is what people notice first on your LinkedIn profile. People have different opinions on what your headline should say, but according to some LinkedIn experts, you should make your headline about how you or your services are valuable to others. Don’t be afraid to change your headline up from time to time. This will create new attention for you and you will get to see what type of headline works best.

Your Summary

You should work to tell a story with your LinkedIn summary. This story can tell the story of your career. Why you did certain things, what you have learned and what path you are currently on. You do not want to bore the audience with too many small details, but you should be open and honest in order to relate to your audience. Keep in mind that this is where you introduce yourself to your audience. As you write your summary, think about how you would want to be introduced and what the most important things are that you want related to the audience in a short space.

Keep It Simple

When someone is looking at your experience section they will most likely not take the time to try to dig through all of the details. That means that you need to get to the point quickly and focus on your biggest accomplishments and achievements.

Be Consistent

In order to build anything of importance you need to be consistent. Make sure you stay active by posting, sharing, liking, and engaging others.
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