How to Make SMS Marketing Work for Your Business in 2019

How to Make SMS Marketing Work for Your Business in 2019

Ever-evolving technology has kept entrepreneurs and marketing departments on their toes and it’s not going to slow down. Social media has been the big push for the last several years, but many businesses are starting to grow tired of the constantly changing algorithms. As soon as you have it figured out the platform makes a change. Getting organic reach is becoming more difficult, making social media just one more pay-to-play option. With that in mind, if you are looking for a new strategy in 2019, SMS marketing is an effective option.

Why SMS works

SMS marketing combines the best of email marketing and social media. People almost always have their phones with them. One study found that people on average look at their phones around 80 times per day. If you figure that people sleep for 8 hours a night that means they are checking their phones more than four times an hour. Since they are glued to their phones it’s a great way to get ahold of them. And, unlike social media, you know your message is getting to them instead of a third party controlling if they will be able to see it in their feed or not.

How to succeed with SMS marketing

  1. Start obtaining phone numbers
Most businesses are familiar with building an email list. Now you want to focus on getting cell phone numbers from your customers and audience. Even if you are not quite ready to implement text message marketing just yet it’s never too soon to start collecting the information. Unlike social media, once you have the information in your system no one can take it away from you.
  1. Make sure they want to receive your messages
Whatever you do, don’t just start spamming people on their phones. Make sure that you have permission to send them promotional messages via text message. If they don’t agree to this then do not add them to your list.
  1. Choose the software that’s right for your business
There’s no shortage of software companies that you can work with. Take some time to review companies and find the one that’s the best fit for what you’re looking for. Two of the big names are Avochato and Textedly.
  1. Don’t overdo it
SMS marketing is not meant to become your sole form of communication with your customer. But it can be a great marketing tool to use in addition to the other marketing efforts that you are making. Make sure that you aren’t spamming your customer, keep the messages short, and send them sparingly. If you only send a message when you actually have someone worth sharing then it will get their attention. If you send them on a consistent basis you are going to lose your audience. If you are going to start an SMS marketing campaign you also need to make sure that you provide an option to opt out at the end of every message. The only people you want on your list are the people that want to be there.
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