How to Use Link Building to Improve Your SEO

Many business owners are overwhelmed when it comes to online marketing, especially link building. How do you get customers to engage online? What do you need to do to make sure you are showing up in the search rankings? There are many strategies and how-to articles online regarding search engine optimization (SEO), but what strategy is the right one? Some strategies might pay off and others might actually cause you to be penalized and fall in the rankings. Link building is one of those strategies that you can find mixed reviews about. Having multiple links to your site can help improve your rankings, but if Google thinks you are cheating to get your links they will penalize you. The last thing that business owners want to do is drop in the rankings, so many shy away from trying anything in this area. This makes the only option creating great content and sitting around waiting for others to link to your site. If you are ready to improve your SEO ranking without sitting back and waiting, here are some things you need to know about link building: How Google Works For Google to continue providing the best results for their users they have to make sure that their search rankings are providing links to sites that will fit what the user is looking for. The algorithms they use factor in both the relevance and authority of a site. Relevance relates to how well the website fits the search term that was used. The authority of the site takes into account its trustworthiness. It takes into account the authority of individual pages and the site as a whole. When one website links to another website, that site benefits from the authority of the site that is linking to it. That means, the more authority that a site has that links to your site, the better it is for you. This works great if the site is naturally linking to your site. However, Google’s Penguin algorithm has been designed to find manipulative links. If you get too many strikes against you, your SEO ranking will be penalized. Why You Shouldn’t Sit Back and Wait Some site owners react in fear of being penalized and they stop trying to build links to their site. They sit back and wait for it to happen naturally. Natural links are great, but there are some key problems with this strategy:
  • It is inconsistent – You have no way of knowing when another site will decide to link to yours.
  • Authority – Chances are you will end up with more low to mid-authority sites linking to your site than the ones with high authority.
  • No Control – You are at the mercy of other sites and the readers that click through to your site. It is hard for you to set or establish goals when you are not taking control for the activity on your site.
How to Build Links First off, you want to make sure you focus on publishing high quality content that will bring value to your readers. This is a reliable way to earn links to your site. Avoid at all cost using schemes that involve paying for links to your site or exchanging links. The algorithms know how to find these links and you risk being penalized. A solid link building approach is to find sites that you can guest post on. Write posts for the site that will be informative and useful for their reader and use natural links back to your site when it makes sense. Do not just fill your guest post full of links for the sake of link building. If you continue to do this consistently you will begin to see your SEO rankings improving, while you also provide valuable content to the reader. Don’t let the fear of being penalized stop you from improving your SEO rankings. Find the proper balance of link earning and link building. Be proactive on pursuing link opportunities, but don’t forget to keep your focus on providing great content to your reader.
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