Increase Your Brand Following with These 3 Tips

Converting social media followers of your brand to sales is the easy part. The challenge lies with getting current and past customers to follow you on social media platforms. Present customers can be lost to the competition, but there is less chance of that happening if they are being kept current of new products, sales, etc., on social media. Not to mention, these are the people you want commenting on posts because they already have experience with your products and can give them a meaningful recommendation. Here are Mind Protein’s tips to increase your brand following.

1. Spread the Word

Current consumers are not actually seeking information about your company or products, so they may not think to look for you on social media platforms. After all, they don’t really have a reason to. You need to let them know where to find you. Post signs in your business or have colorful fliers printed that will grab their attention and put them in their shopping bags. Include social media links in emails and remind them to look you up on social media pages at the bottom of their receipt.

2. Give Them a Reason

Your customers already have a busy feed on Facebook and probably can’t keep up with their Twitter account as is. Why should they follow you? They already know what you have to sell, but offering incentives will likely entice them enough to follow you. No one can resist a good incentive.

A contest is a great way to generate a buzz. Offer a gift card or free product for the person who comes up with the best caption for a photo or to name a new product. Maybe they can unlock a discount code to shop online, if they “like” the page or they can earn an extra entry in a drawing for every person they get to follow you. Make it fun and your followers will always be looking for your posts.

3. Strengthen Loyalty with Valuable Information

Your Facebook posts and Twitter tweets should be about generating new followers and closing sales. You need to also provide valuable information that will keep them interested and loyal to your brand. Product information, how-to articles, and tips and tricks are great ideas. For example, if you sell custom made gourmet oatmeal then post recipes that can be made using it or articles about the benefits of certain ingredients you use.

Social media is used by about 74 percent of consumers searching for product information, according to ODM Group. It is also suggested that 90 percent of your consumers turn to peers for recommendations. Use social media to increase your brand following, attract current customers, and keep them all loyal to your brand.

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