Lead Tracking with Google Analytics Part 3

Basic lead tracking in Google Analytics is great, but like any Google product, the basics only scratch the surface. For power users, there are even more ways to track what traffic will generate leads and what isn’t as effective. In previous lead tracking tutorials, a Google Analytics account was set up to measure lead generation management efforts for your site by setting a goal. Now, we are ready to take the goal you set previously to the next level using a funnel. Funnels are great for lead generation management because they allow you to track the progression of online conversions as your visitors navigate through the pages of your site. To enhance lead tracking with funnels, you need to first log in to Analytics and click on “edit” next to the site you set your previous goal for. Now scroll down to the goal you set up and click “edit” here as well. At the bottom of the page, you will see “Yes, create a funnel for this goal.” Click here. Now you should see Step 1 with two boxes labeled ‘URL’ and ‘Name.’ In the URL box, you will enter the URL for the first page. Usually, this is the landing page but it can also be a content page that refers visitors to the landing page or any other page you wish to track. Note the instructions—don’t include the domain name in this box. Use the folder and page only. In the box labeled Name, use the name of the page for quick reference. Go through and add more pages using the “Add goal funnel step” until you have set everything you wish to use in your lead tracking. Now you will be able to follow the progression your visitors take as they go from traffic to qualified lead! You can find more tips on lead tracking by subscribing to our RSS feed. Don’t miss out!
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