Local SEO: Sources for High-Quality Links

You have heard incoming links are very valuable in helping to increase your ranking. However, not all links are the same. Those coming from poor quality sources can actually hurt you. Of course, if you are still fairly new to local SEO then you are probably wondering what sources you should be focused on. The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. Every online business, site and blog is unique and may receive such links from different places. However, if you are trying to rank high with Google there are a few sources you definitely want to create high-quality links from.
  1. Schools – Since a large percentage of people in your area likely have children it makes sense that school sites are top-recommended options. Google and GuideStar can help you locate a list of schools in your area. A donation could land you on the site listed with other sponsors. If you have kids enrolled in a local school, you could speak with someone there you are already familiar with.
  1. Nonprofits – Everyone loves a business that gives back to the community. So, make a donation or sponsor an event to be added to the donation page. People like to support businesses that turn around and support other local businesses.
  1. Media Sources – You don’t have to spend the big bucks in advertising dollars to get heard and seen in the media. You may not know it, but there are a number of link opportunities. It always pays to have journalists and reporters on speed dial.
  1. Better Business Bureau – Even those who are not too sure what the Better Business Bureau is all about knows that businesses with this accreditation are part of an elite group.
  1. 5. Businesses Affiliates – If you have partners and/or suppliers that you have a good relationship with, asking them for a link should be easy. You can repay the favor, too. This may even work with businesses in your area. For example, the cafĂ© across the street provides you with free coffee and baked goods for your business and in return you hit their sidewalks to the snow blower all winter. Swapping links may be a great move for both of you!
High-quality links to your site are priceless. They play a huge role in your ranking with search engines. Increasing the number of incoming high-quality links you have today will continue to benefit you well into the future.
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