Looking for (WordPress) themes in all the wrong places

When creating your businesses’ website, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right theme and have the right tools for what you’re selling. Finding the right WordPress theme can be frustrating, but it’s the discerning eye that has the best taste. There are hundreds of free WordPress themes out there, so while you can hire a designer to do one for you, it might be better to start with a free one and then if you really need, hire a designer to tweak it to your specifications. This would give you both the site you want, and at a lower price. The real question is deciding which theme will best suit your brand name. Do you want to represent yourself as stylish, modern and high-tech? Or are you looking for a more classic style? Whatever you desire, there is a theme out there that matches it. Pay attention to the structure of the site and imagine it as it is a year from now. Will you be happy how it looks and functions for your clients? If the answer is no, look again for another choice. Another good idea is to get a second or even third set of eyes to look over the theme you choose to gauge their reaction to it. Sometimes, you can be too close to your business and it might color your perception of how nice the site looks. Get honest opinions, and use that constructive criticism to improve and tweak it so that the major concerns are addressed. Functionality is also important when choosing your theme. If you want to make sales directly from your website, look for a theme that offers that functionality. The last thing you want to do is get halfway through your design and realize there’s no room to sell your product or services from. Keep looking until you’re satisfied, people are creatures of habit and they don’t like it when their favorite website goes through a redesign. Keep it consistent and easy on the eyes and you’ll draw in the clicks in no time. Make sure your theme works in all browsers. Many of the themes you encounter online will come with a demo site that you can check out, but if you have any questions on how your site looks using that theme, you can go to browsershots.com, enter in the url of your site and check out how it will look across all platforms. If it looks wonky in Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome, look into what might be going wrong, and find a different theme to use. Most importantly, whether you buy the theme, or download one of the free ones to tweak yourself, make sure that you’re happy with it. This is your business and your dream that’s on the line, you may as well be in charge of what the storefront looks like. Be open to positive criticism when going over the design and soon enough you’ll have the perfect website ready for launch.
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