Making Social Media Marketing Work for You

Have you been trying to grow your social media marketing, but are seeing little results? Or, are you ready to give social media marketing a try? Utilizing the power of social media to reach your customer base can have an incredible effect on the growth of your real estate business. However, the techniques that work with social media are not the same as what have been working for you in traditional marketing. If you want to make social media marketing work for you, follow these 10 rules:
  1. Listen – If you want to reach your customers with social media you need to listen to your customers. Find out what they are interested in and following. Once you understand what their interest and needs are, you will be able to create quality content that gives your reader/follower what they want.
  1. Have a niche market – You have heard the saying in real estate “a jack of all trades is a master of none.” Your social media marketing needs to be targeted. Pick a niche market to focus on and then make sure that your content and marketing will apply and bring value to that group.
  1. Build relationships – When it comes to your online preference, quality will get you further than quantity. It is better to have a smaller amount of connections that engage with you and your content than to have thousands of more so-called “followers” that do not interact.
  1. Do not give up – Building your social media presences and engaging your customers will not take place overnight. It can be tempting to call it quits when you are not seeing the responses that you were hoping for, but don’t give up. The process can be time consuming, but if you continue to produce quality content, before long you will grow your following.
  1. Use your network – If you are working to produce quality content and material on social media, your friends, followers, and customers will begin to share the content on their own pages. This is a way for you to get your name in front of hundreds or thousands of people that you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.
  1. Build purposeful connections – Look to form connections with the leaders in your industry/market. Look for the people that have a large following that could be interested in the services or products that you offer. If you are able to make good connections with these influencers and provide them with quality content they will share it with their customers.
  1. Add value – Do not work just to push your product or service on people through your social media marketing. Make sure you are creating and posting content that adds value to their lives. When you share value adding content you will begin to gain the trust of those that follow you.
  1. Always respond – To have affective social media marketing you cannot just post quality content and then leave it; you have to interact with your readers. Acknowledge when people comment or follow you and respond to their comments. This will go a long way in encouraging them to continue engaging in the future.
  1. Be consistent – to properly develop your social media marketing, you need to be consistent. Post consistently and then follow up. You need to be available to respond and interact with those that are trying to engage with your material.
  1. Do the same for others – Social media marketing is a two way street. If you want others to interact with you and share your content, you need to be willing to do the same for them. Look for great content provided for others that you can share that will help spread their audience and bring value to yours.
Social media marketing can be more time consuming than traditional marketing. There is a new level of follow-through and interaction that is required for your content. But, the work is well worth it with the relationships you are able to develop with your readers.
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