Marketing’s Fifth “P”: Publishing

Product, pricing, placement, and promotion are known as the four “Ps” of marketing. Even if you have never taken a marketing class there is a good chance that you have still heard or read this in the business world. Well, with today’s competition and technology, “publishing” is being thought of as the fifth “P” because it has become a necessity for brands and businesses to stand out from their competition. Accessible on a Budget You do not need to have a huge marketing budget to get noticed. Publishing is effective because it forces you to be strategic, and when you are being strategic, you have to put plenty of thought into every move that you make. This also means you are always looking into the future. This is a good thing. You need to be educational and entertaining, and you must be prepared to interact, which builds and strengthens your relationships. Marketing Material You are probably wondering why “publishing” was not included with the original four P’s? Well, there was not a real need for it years ago. Traditional promotional methods have become less effective in recent years, which is why publishing content makes sense in today’s world. Not to mention, publishing is a whole lot easier to do these days. Also, the average person does not appreciate dealing with interrupted content, which is why publishing has become a preferred option. Share Your Brand Message Publishing allows you to strengthen bonds while you are simultaneously getting your brand message out to the general public. When you publish, you are able to interact with your audience in an entirely different way. Promoted brands capture attention, but published ones hold the attention longer as they are creating an entirely different relationship. Chances are good that you would rather leave a long-lasting impression than a short one that fizzles out. For reasons like this, relying solely on AdWords and other similar tactics is not a good strategy. AdWords will attract attention, but if you stop investing in the ads, your traffic will likely slowed down as well, and in some cases, it may even stop altogether. Experimenting with AdWords and striving to keep your online presence optimized is definitely beneficial to your business. However, maintaining a thoughtful publishing strategy that builds equity in your brand and meets the needs of your customers is equally as important. When both are done together and properly, you increase your chance for success.
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