Why You MUST Build Your Brand

Your work ethic may be unparalleled, your product perfect and your service unmatched, but if you don’t have a strong brand backing any of it, the success of your business can only go so far. It’s important to develop some sort of positive perception attached to your brand, while the goal is to retain a positive reputation; often times any press – even negative press – is good press. By taking cues from successful celebrities that have built strong personal brands themselves, such as Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Kim Kardashian, you’ll see all the potential benefits you stand to gain from developing your own brand. You Give Your Work Purpose When you develop your own brand, you are able to define your purpose. Having a purpose helps you easily create your mission and your vision, which often leads to discovering your passions in life. Being passionate about what you do is the ultimate key to success; if you derive meaning from your work you will innately work harder because it gives your life value. Being passionate about something usually involves having robust knowledge about it as well, which will give you an edge on the competition. You Engage Your Audience By giving your life, your work and yourself a purpose and meaningful value, you will be able to connect with like-minded individuals. People are more likely to invest in brands they feel an emotional attachment to, so create a story surrounding your brand that your consumers can relate to. You Can Profit from your Expertise In order to develop a successful, reputable brand, you must be prepared to invest in its marketing, promotion, research and development. By investing in your brand, you are improving its quality, utility and value; thus you can request more money in return. As you develop your business niche and target market, you will profit from the familiarity and recognition of your brand amongst similar groups of consumers. You Will Gain Believers When you develop the story behind your brand, you have the opportunity to influence connections and be a leader. When you tell a relatable story that motivates, informs and inspires your audience you build a network of people who believe in your brand, its message and your business. Differentiate and Increase Exposure In an age where digital marketing is the more effective form of advertising, developing a brand that can be utilized across an array of social networks – from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter – will result in an infinite amount of valuable exposure.
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