Old Content: Will Removing or Refreshing Improve Your Traffic?

Have you ever looked back at some of your old content and thought, “What was I thinking?” Maybe it lacks value or has careless errors. Perhaps it is from when keyword stuffing was the hottest trend or maybe it is simply outdated. Either way, just leaving it there is not doing you any favors. So, do you just press the delete button or spend a little time-refreshing it? Evaluate Your Old Content Depending on how long you have had your business or blog on the Internet, you may remember when Google Panda was introduced. It literally turned the Internet upside-down and changed ranking in such extreme ways that many sites that always held the top positions were pushed back dozens of pages to the black hole of the Web. Google still rolls out updates that shake things up a bit. The one thing you can do to stay on the good side of these updates is remain focused on quality. Google is smart and can tell the difference between high- and low-quality content. Length plays a huge role now, too. Today, it is recommended to keep a reader on your page for at least seven seconds. This gives them time to become more invested. Years ago, the ideal length was around 500 words. So, you may find that you have many articles on your site or blog that could be married together with a little effort. Refreshing Old Content If you think your old content can’t be salvaged or it is just too low-quality to waste your time with then hit the delete button and be done with it. Here are some other tips to keep in mind:
  • Increase Length- As mentioned, if you have several articles on the same subject that all are on the short side, you could work them together into one long, detailed article. Alternately, if you have a 500-word word article on a topic that you could definitely expand on this as an option, too.
  • Potential Duplicate – If you have multiple articles with very similar content remove all but one of them, and make sure they redirect to the proper page. This way, you won’t lose any quality incoming leads.
  • Reuse It – If you do guest blog posts or write on sites like Hubpages, then you could use these to link to your site. Just make sure you leave enough time for them to be de-indexed before publishing them again.
You have probably watched an episode of at least one hoarding show on TV, right? Well, you may not be hoarding physical objects, but if you have a lot of old content polluting your site you are doing the same thing. Plus, hoarding old content can really hurt where it counts: your pocket book. Cleaning up your site can be a lot of work but it will definitely be worth the effort.
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