Ready to Up Your Social Media Game in 2019?

Ready to Up Your Social Media Game in 2019?

Social media is no longer the new idea in marketing. Several of the platforms have shown that they can stand the test of time and consumers continue to increase the amount of time that they spend scrolling through their feed. It’s safe to say that consumers are actually consuming more content than they ever have before. If you want to succeed in social media in 2019 you need to figure out how to get your content in front of them and encourage them to connect with it. That’s easier said than done since consumers don’t enjoy being sold to in their social media feeds. If you want to rise to the top you need to have a plan but be willing to make adjustments as needed. Below are five things that should be in your plan:
  1. Stick with the platforms that have shown they can stick around

There are more social media platforms out there than most people realize. However, if you want your business to have success, its best to put your efforts towards an established platform. You want to put your funds and efforts towards a platform that already has a large reach. There’s no doubt that in the future there will be other platforms that are worth the effort. But you want to make sure you’re going to get a good ROI before you spend your time on them.
  1. Pay-to-play

Facebook’s main purpose isn’t to help promote your business. In fact, early last year they even made it known that their algorithms are set so business posts aren’t prioritized in the feed. That means if you want to take advantage of the reach that Facebook offers you’re going to have to put some money behind it. Make sure you know exactly who you are trying to reach and what your goal is with your marketing. Then target your ads at your ideal customer for best results
  1. Use what the platform offers

Social media platforms don’t want you to continue taking people off their site to get to your website. That means your hard work can be for naught if you constantly just share links to blog posts hosted on your website. You’ll reach more people on the platform with your message if you use the tools on the platform.  Facebook Notes, LinkedIn articles, and platforms like allow you to create long form posts. Make some alterations to your blog posts and then post them directly to these platforms.
  1. Engage with the people you want to work with

You can save searches on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. If you create a search with your target audience in mind you can constantly find new people that you want to get in front of. Once you do that make sure to engage with their posts to help them find you.
  1. Take advantage of private groups

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have private groups that you can create to connect with your target audience. These have taken the place of many forums that used to be online. It’s easier to get group posts to show up in others feed than business posts. This also provides you the opportunity to sell your services and products to a group that’s already interested in what you have to offer. Following these tips can provide you with the ROI that you are looking for in your social media efforts. Remember, in the end these are social networks. You need to work to interact and engage with your audience. Don’t make them feel like you are always trying to sell to them.
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