Simple Social Media Mistakes That Will Cost You

As we have shared before, having a social media strategy is imperative for any real estate investor’s marketing efforts. When carried out correctly, real estate investors can leverage a consistent social media presence into powerful lead generation system. However, with all the potential that social media provides, it also brings with it plenty of opportunities for big missteps. This especially true when it comes breaking any copyright rules. To help you stay on the right path with your social media implementation, real estate investors will want to be sure to avoid the following mistakes.

No Permission-Less Posting…

When first starting out, it can be hard to decide what kind of photos you should post. While ideally you will have created a set of guidelines to help with these decisions, many real estate investors test out various photos to see what the audience responds to best. The caveat with posting photos is that if you posting someone else’s work, you need to get their permission. Most of the time, this is as simple as sending the owner of the photo a quick direct message. By and large, photographers with smaller audiences are happy to let you use and expose to a wider audience. But there will be some along the way that will say “no.” And those will be the situation where you are thankful that you asked before using.

…Or Re-Gramming

The “regram” is an Instagram term for reposting someone else’s photo. Because Instagram does not have the same “share” mechanics as Facebook or Twitter, users can screenshot a photo and then post to their own account. But the same etiquette applies as from above. You will want to make sure that you have permission to use the photo as the owner can report you for unauthorized use. And then once you are given the green light to use, make sure you provide “photo credit” to the original owner of the content.

Stay Away From Copyrights

Especially if they are logos. It can happen a lot more frequently than you might think. You are searching online and come across an image that you think would make a great logo. Looking a little deeper, you see the logo belongs to a company in a different country. How would they even know if you used it? This is a big mistake. Any name or logo that is the intellectual property of another company can land you in serious legal trouble. But if you do come across a design that you like, you can work with a graphic designer who will be able to use the original as inspiration for creating you your own, unique design.

Trash Talking Competitors

While the internet can feel like the wild wild west, there are some things that are best left unsaid. You never know who has a team of lawyers behind them, ready and willing to get to work on their client’s behalf for any slanderous remarks make. With this in mind, a good rule to apply to your posts is if you would not say it out loud in a crowd of people, then you should not post it. Taking a moment to think about what you are going to post, and whether or not it is worth it, can save you plenty of frustration on the backend. Crafting a unique social media presence that reflects the values of your business is a process. By establishing your own set of internal guidelines, identifying what you will and will not say is important in curating the business face you want to put to the public. Having this list in hand and circulated amongst your team will help to reduce the mistakes above.
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