Strengthen Your Personal Brand on Google

If potential employers, investors or partners typed your name into Google what would they find out about you? Do you know that the vast majority of executives turn to search engines to find out a little more about job candidates? If this is new to you, or you have recently discovered your personal brand is not as strong as you hoped, these tips will help make sure you shine when Google is asked about you.
  1. Make Self-Googling a Habit – If you have not searched for yourself on Google yet, you may be surprised to see what shows up. You probably will not be thrilled if you find the first thing that shows up is a drunken tweet about your old boss or calling in sick to work to go to the beach. If your name is fairly common, you may need to include other information, such as your city, company, industry, etc. to narrow down the search.
  1. Determine Brand Values – If you want your brand to come across a very specific way, you need predetermined values. These values should convey how you operate and what they can expect working with you.
  1. Build a Website – It does not matter what line of work you are in or which products or services your business offers, you can benefit from a website. It will show off your accomplishments and give you the chance to update your profile regularly.
  1. Learn to Love Video – Recording yourself can be really intimidating at first, which is why you need to do it a lot to get comfortable. Google loves videos and viewers will appreciate being able to connect with you on a more personal level. Make sure the sound is good and the picture is not shaky, and keep it short and sweet at about 60 seconds.
  1. Share Your Skills – You want to gain the reputation as an expert in your field. Maybe this means writing guest blog posts for related sites, or perhaps it is volunteering your time. How-to videos can be helpful, as well.
  1. Request Reviews – How often do you read reviews before ordering a new product or checking out a restaurant? Probably pretty often, right? Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. If you can get a video testimonial this is even better.
  1. Take Advantage of Social Media – Most people use social media, but really don’t use it in a way that allows them to see its full potential. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ posts are constantly showing up on the first page of Google, so take advantage of these platforms, but make sure you are not posting anything you will regret in the future.
One negative post or review is generally taken more seriously than a dozen positive posts or articles. To stay on top your personal brand you should constantly self-Google and take steps to ensure there is enough positive information to hide anything negative, even if the negative posts are not true.
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