The 3 Keys to Growing Your Business Through Your “Real World” Community

It seems like a foreign concept in today’s world, but businesses used to grow through a personal community. That is, not the social media kind of “community,” but through actual people who live and work around the business and owner. The past few years have been spent pushing business owners to grow their “community” on social media (which is an important strategy for an entrepreneur), but this has also led to “real world” communities being neglected. With so much of business moving online these days, it seems that many owners are starting to overlook the incredibly valuable community that they live in. Many communities have loads of free resources and mentors for entrepreneurs to benefit from. Here are some recommendations made by successful entrepreneurs.

Give Before You Receive

Look for ways to benefit your community, along with the people and businesses that are apart of it, before you look to benefit from it yourself. Once you have established yourself and have something to give, find other entrepreneurs that you can assist. When you build relationships in your community by giving instead of taking (especially as real estate entrepreneurs), you will have formed relationships that will be mutually beneficial for the long haul. Look to form deeper relationships with others in the communities you are focusing instead of always looking for the person who can help you get the next best deal.

Ask for a Meeting

The majority of successful business owners are more than happy to help out a growing entrepreneur; but you have to ask. You can gain plenty of valuable information from entrepreneurs who have grown businesses before you. Ask if you can meet for coffee or lunch and be willing to meet at the time and location that works the best for them. Come prepared to the meeting. Have a list of thought-out questions that you are looking for answers to. Take notes on what they say. If a busy real estate investor feels that you have wasted their time, you will never get a second chance to meet with them.

Quality over Quantity

Entrepreneurs are busy. You don’t have time to invest in trying to build relationships that have no value for you or the other person. When you are looking to find a mentor or work with a mentee, the relationship needs to be genuine. Mentoring is most effective when the mentor takes a genuine interest in the mentee and their success in life, not just business.

Join a Local Networking Group

There are plenty of local real estate investment groups that meet in cities all around the world every week. While there can be a cost to joining such a group, the whole purpose is to develop relationships with other business owners in your area so you can all pass leads to each other. It is a great way to help out other businesses while also growing your own. As a real estate entrepreneur you can end up working twice as hard to form a relationship with someone online, who is located across the country, when you might have someone that can offer you the same relationship right across the street. As you choose to invest in your local community, your local community will start to invest in you.
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