Tools for Website Design you Need

When designing the website for your small business, you need to determine what you need to create a visually stunning website that will draw visitors in and help compel them to purchase from you. Fortunately, designing a site like that is easier than ever. There are many tools available out there for those who aren’t WordPress: WordPress helps format your website or blog into a premade template available for download on the web. There are several online stores that offer WordPress templates for sale. They come with everything you need to set up your new business’s website, from generic graphics, dynamic backgrounds, and intuitive navigation. Many WordPress templates are designed for small businesses in mind and some of the best are available online for download. A simple google search can lead you to any one of many different sites that offer WordPress templates. The amount of templates available to you can be a bit overwhelming at first, so try adding keywords to your google search to narrow down templates that were specifically designed for your type of business. Many of the WordPress templates allow for online ordering as well, so make sure you keep that in mind when purchasing a template you feel captures your business best. Photo design software: The gold standard in the industry is Adobe Photoshop CS. It’s the most advanced graphic design and photo manipulation software available on the market today. There’s very little you can’t do with the latest version of Photoshop – which means it can be a bit overpowered for the average small business owner. If your needs are limited to touching up photos to post on your website, try a free program named GIMP. GIMP offers many of the standard tools like cropping, red eye, fill, smudge and others the average user needs to publish their photos on their website. These are just as easy to use as Photoshop and at the very reasonable cost of being free. The creators offer a donation link if you feel their efforts deserve a little bit of money, but it’s up to you whether you donate or not. The software is lightweight and can even run very well on older computers with less ram than their modern counterparts. Google’s Picasso software is another great lightweight and free photo manipulation software. It’s not as powerful as GIMP, but it has the added benefit of being able to tie it in with your WordPress account, and organizing your photo collection in easy to find folders. Google doesn’t mess around when they design software and the intuitive feel belies the powerful nature of the program. It’s well worth picking up, even if you spend the money for Adobe Photoshop, it’s that good. Youtube: Youtube is a great source of instructional videos on using any of the above software. Many users offer informative tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, WordPress and other types of design software – some of these videos rival any course you might take on the subject at a community college or otherwise. Search out a few and see what you can learn from Youtube. You’d be surprised what you can find on there.
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