Using Digital Marketing to Dominate

The economy continues to bounce back with vigor since its free fall in 2008, due in part to the advent of the digital marketing age. As more and more companies turn to technology to grow their business, it becomes increasingly more difficult to know how to keep your business ahead of the competition. However, by focusing on the following digital marketing factors, you can easily hold your own in the pack. Engage Your Customers Through Data-Driven Marketing       Data-driven marketing is all about knowing how to gather and organize your data, gaining an understanding of the data you have and figuring out how to utilize it to engage customers more effectively. But where does the data come from? How do you know what’s meaningful? Data about your customers can be mined from just about anywhere; what’s important is that you narrow your focus on the data that supports your business’ specific goals. You want to aim to simplify complex data by giving it a purpose, assessing its meaning and cutting out irrelevant information. You can start your search internally, by extracting information from your company’s CRM and ERP systems to analyze your consumer sales, transactions and retention. When it comes to assessing the effectiveness and behavior of your marketing platforms, it is often cost and time effective to turn to external sources. While there are many programs that can help you slice and dice your data and give it analytical purpose, the stiff competition that has grown between these third party resources over the last decade often make them a more attractive option. Most of these digital marketing analytical platforms provide you with information in real time, which enables you to constantly find ways to improve your customer experience. Delivery High Quality Content In order to maximize the impact of your digital marketing initiatives, you should constantly be improving, creating and differentiating the content you deliver. Digital marketing content comes in a variety of forms including blogs, white papers, tweets, Facebook pages, videos and websites; it’s important to utilize a variety of these outlets in order to reach more consumers. You want to come across as a reputable industry expert by delivering useful content that demonstrates the value of your company’s product or services through strategic product placement, so as not to jeopardize the credibility of your content. When it comes to developing content, you also want to vary your channels of delivery. With the majority of internet users accessing information from their mobile phones these days, you want to make sure to include content that is phone friendly. Personalize Your Platforms In order to deliver great customer service, it’s important you make each customer feel they are a unique and critical part of your business – and the same goes for digital marketing. Creating well-defined target marketing initiatives is the first step to developing an effective digital marketing campaign. By utilizing the information obtained through data analysis, you can reveal commonalities between your customers so that you can tailor your content so that it is specific to your customers’ various interests.
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