What to write about when you blog

Blogging has become an all important tool for your business. Not only does it help your clients find out more about your business, it allows Google to keep your website on the front page of people’s search results. Blogging isn’t a chore or anything that you should dread on a weekly/daily/monthly basis, but rather as a great way to inform your clients and potential clients of all the ways you can help them make their life more productive and easier. Blogging is more than just words and pictures on a screen – it’s a chance for you to invite people into your business and give them an idea of how you do things.  A good blog that keeps your readers informed and entertained is a gold mine for your company when it comes to marketing. Blogging doesn’t just help keep your page on the front of Google’s search results, at the end of every blog, do what you can to keep your readers coming back. Have a place for them to subscribe to your blog, giving you their e-mail address. With consistent blogging, you should be able to start picking up a valuable e-mail list that you can use when you want to announce a new product. Give your readers a reason to come back. Split up longer blog topics into two part articles that you can run within the week. Splitting up longer articles allows you to go into more depth on a subject without the article feeling like it’s been dragging on for too long. Depending on the subject matter, you’ll want to keep the article lengths at around 500 to no more than 1,500 words long. Make sure you have a place for them to subscribe to e-mail updates on your blog and encourage them to subscribe to all your social media sites. There are literally dozens of easy to use applications that can help add your social media information to your website. Social media shouldn’t replace your e-mail subscriber list, but rather add to it. If you want to keep writer’s block at bay and keep your blogging consistent, it’s important to try and do it every single day. Even if you don’t have a set schedule for your blog to be updated that often, you still should write every single day. Writing is hard, and like working out, the more you do it, the better you become. The more you practice, the better your habits will become and the insights you’re blogging about will become easier to express. Finally, if you’re well and truly stuck on what to write, look around your office and ask yourself what the most common problem is that you run into when it comes to your industry. Chances are, your clients have run into the problem as well. Ask yourself how you deal with that little annoyance and look for ways to turn your solution into an article. When it comes to blogging no one should ever be stuck on what to write. Whether you’re blogging about real estate, health care tips, or whatever your business may be, putting yourself out there with your writing is a commendable effort. Good luck!
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