Live Events


Meet Our Speaker

Linda Pedersen is a successful real estate investor with her husband in Austin TX. Linda is a FortuneBuilders Mastery Alumni student and now coach and trainer. She created and leads a Real Estate Social Network in Austin, TX with over 1,100 members. Linda excels at online marketing, negotiations, and solving complex real estate challenges such as stopping foreclosures and negotiating liens.

Focus on Implementation

Throughout the event time is given to implement each strategy being taught. Our staff of technical support and Internet Consultants monitor the room so you can get your questions answered right away. Our attendees get the best experience when education is moved from notepads to real life experience. Our interactive “learn & implement” framework will supercharge your marketing and give you the confidence to tackle online marketing even if you have zero experience.



Learn the Latest Online Marketing Strategies

The internet is constantly evolving. Some strategies no longer work, while others are still emerging. Our event is updated and refined with the latest changes and updates to ensure our attendees are getting the best that technology has to offer.

Close Deals During the Event

The strategies we introduce are so powerful that it is common for our investors to get leads and have offers accepted during the 2-day event. We also focus on long-term business growth by introducing systems that help to build a list of investor-buyers.