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Very helpful, highly recommended for anybody trying to get a professional website created and published. Michael Hajduk
Aidan was on top of things! He got back to me right away and his answer made us very happy!
Brian Fine is so knowledgeable and has consistently been helpful in getting me to see where I am at and where I should be going with my business. His action items are beyond basics and are always set to get me to push slightly in effort, but significantly in gains, past my comfort zone. I feel quite lucky to have been paired with Brian for my marketing coaching calls. Thanks! ~ D. Rogul
Micheal Haas is a WIZARD. Lots and Lots of patience in working with people. He listens very carefully and has full knowledge and control for full guidance. Mahalo Plenty Micheal.
Miesha was very helpful, She took the time to make sure I understood what to do. Before moving on to something else. She CRUSHED IT!
Susan crushed several technical matters for us with grace and aplomb. She’s extremely knowledgeable, professional, and super pleasant. We want one!!
Winston is the best! Answered all of my questions in an orderly, and calm manner. Was a really productive coaching session! ~ Thomas Nelson
Neil is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. No questions go un-answered. I look forward to working with Neil and the Mind Protein Group.
We met with Eric at the Internet Quickstart table and he crushed it for us. Thanks Eric for being so patient with us you really help us out.
Winston was great. We were going back and forth with emails and we weren’t getting him the information that he needed. I asked if we could call him but instead he asked for our number and he called us. We talked for about ten min and we were able to give him all of the information and then he was able to explain in words we could understand. HE CRUSHED IT!!!!
Kristina is absolutely awesome! ~ Lynette Berry
Macy has been very helpful in setting up our website. She has responded quickly to my many questions! Thanks.
Neil hit it out of the park when I needed to remember how to create a new email id for our business. He was quick to respond and provided step by step instructions, making it very easy for me. ~ Dawn Anderson
Aidan from Mind Protein really listened and heard where I was coming from. He was able to work things out for me and for my partner in the best interest of our business. He was extremely understanding and was able to accommodate our request. Aidan also made me feel completely comfortable and opened me up to discuss what was really on my mind. I am completely happy with his response to our dilemma. ~ Marie Granato
Miesha was great! She has the patience of a saint and although I know nothing about setting up a website, she never once made me feel uncomfortable. She was very supportive! She has great customer service skills! ~ Rebecca Lyles

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